A Message From Our President

Jim Dandy Ski Club (JDSC) is a year round activity club for all ages. We have 200+ members and engage in numerous outdoor activities. Skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, biking, camping, houseboat trips, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, softball, golf, jogging, walking, scuba diving, world travel, parties, game nights, mentoring and anything that is enjoyable as a group activity.

If you are not a skier we will teach you. If you choose not to ski we still have activities for you. If you are a positive, active person that enjoys activities in the company of friendly people, our club has an activity suited to your tastes and is always looking for new ideas. You don‘t have to be an expert skier to enjoy the Jim Dandy Ski Club. Members range in prowess from non skiers , first-timers, beginner to expert and those who would rather be in the lodge sitting by the fire. We sponsor a SKI Better Program each year to teach the basics of skiing so that beginners know how to put on their skis, understand how to get on and off the lift, and are familiar with the rules of skiing.

So come and join us and have the time of your life with the best friends you could ever have.

Miles Maxey

Jim Dandy Ski Club President