The Jim Dandy Ski Club is not only the first Black Ski Club, but perennially, one of the fastest.  Our members have a long history of successful Alpine Ski Race competition both locally among Michigan Ski Clubs, as well as nationally among clubs in the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS).  Our racing members have won the Team Championship of the National Brotherhood of Skiers for five out of the last six years.

As the sport of snowboarding rose in popularity, JDSC ski racers were not only among the first in the NBS to try this new sport, but to lobby for it to be adopted by the annual race agenda.  Since that time, Jim Dandy Snowboards have enjoyed much of the same success in winning races.

The racing roots grow deep in Jim Dandy.  Below are photos from the 1996 team of JDSC racers who participated in the Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC) league, made up of racing clubs in Michigan.  Only a handful of racers from Jim Dandy joined this league and still won 2nd place overall in the state of Michigan.

NBS National Champions 

2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013…

Why you should learn to race

Most believe that you must be an excellent skier/snowboarder to want to race.  As long-time JDSC racer, Al Williams once said, “If you want to become a great skier, learn to race.”  Racing requires precision, focus, the desire to get better and the ability to have fun.  A competitive spirit only adds to your success.  It’s important to know that ALL racers were beginner skiers at one time.  As you learn how to ski or snowboard and get better, you’ll soon realize that you’re getting better faster by learning to race.

Fastest Men/Women in the NBS from Jim Dandy Ski Club

Michael Grimes – Lake Placid 1987, Vail 1997, Park City 1999, Copper Mountain 2001, Whistler 2003, Sun Valley 2011 (Skiing)

Tracey Grimes – Vail 1997 (Skiing)

Foster Butler – Sun Valley 1998, Whistler 2003, Steamboat 2007, Aspen 2009 (Skiing)

Teresa Butler – Salt Lake City 1999, Vail 2005(Skiing)

Romelle Taylor - Vail 2005, Banff 2006, Breckenridge 2008 (Skiing)

Lyron Maxey - Winterpark 2010 (Skiing)

Lyron Maxey - Vail 2005, Banff 2006, Steamboat 2007, Breckenridge 2008, Winterpark 2010, Sun Valley 2011 (Snowboarding)

Corey Maxey - Whistler 2003, Copper Mountain 2004, Aspen 2009, Aspen 2012 (Snowboarding)

Copy of 2010 Summit RacersCopy of Banff Race Winners 2006Copy of Edgar Butler at BoyneCopy of Lyron-NBS Snowboard 2008 (1)Gi-crewraceGigi w medals 2009 SnowmassJDSC Snowboard Racers 2010 Mini SummitJDSC1995  MACC Race TeamJim Dandy Race Legends 1996Lyron-NBS Snowboard 2004 (3)Mike Grimes 1997MJ SB Race Steamboat 2007summer 20080593