About Us
We are an active club for active people.

The Jim Dandy Ski Club is the first Black Ski Club in the United States, and quite likely the world.  Founded in 1958, we are much more than just a ski club.  We engage in numerous activities for all ages.  If you and your family want to try something new, exciting, and fun, c’mon and hang with the Dandies. We welcome all.
Some of our excursions include:
Downhill Skiing & Racing Scuba Diving Roller Skating
Cross Country Skiing
Picnics Camping
Snowboarding,  Kayaking White Water Rafting
Snowmobiling Traveling Horseback Riding
Competitive Racing Mentoring Kayaking/Canoeing
Softball Community Service  
Golf House Boating  
Mountain Biking Jet Skiing  
Road Biking Networking  
Kite Flying Partying  
Promote the sport of skiing/snowboarding among minority youth and adults.
Enhance the sport of skiing/snowboarding through community involvement, group participation and educational seminars.
Sponsor minority youth in the Olympics through our membership in the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS).
Meetings are held at the North Rosedale Community House located at 18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, MI 48223 on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm.